One-on-one chess lessons

I offer individual coaching via Skype. I truly believe that each player is different – so Chess has to be explained in an individual way. You can benefit from my teaching approach and take your understanding of chess to a different level.

English language lessons: 70 USD for 60 mins, 110 USD for 120 mins.
German language lessons: 50 Euros for 60 mins, 80 Euros for 120 mins.
Please contact me about prices for over the board lessons.

These are my rates, but I am currently not accepting new students. In order to provide good quality service I have to limit the lessons to a reasonable number of hours per week.

I am also available for simuls, group lessons in Chess clubs or similar events. Contact me to discuss how I might help you.

Here is some of the things my students have said:

A fantastic teacher. I really learned a lot during our lessons. He always has something prepared that is perfect for what you need to improve. He has perfect English and communicates things well in general. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

I have been taking lessons from Christof about a year now and can only say good things about his teaching style and the effect its had on my own progress. Before lessons I was a 1960 USCF and after only a year I’ve achieved 2080. He focuses on all aspects of the game and discovers your specific weaknesses. Totally worth the price if you seriously want to improve your game.

Passionate, lots of experience with teaching, sharp and great positional play, lots of knowledge with the opening, flawless English and very flexible with your schedules, full of anecdotes and stories. You won’t find any better qualities for a coach. The time fly during the lesson and you are waiting already for the next one ! This is no surprise that he is working for all majors chess related sites.